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The FTA Series Flow Tech Air FRP/RCC, induced draft, counter-flow line of cooling towers is the ideal choice for industrial/HVAC application that require ensured thermal performance with optimal efficiency. With the inclusion of high performance, low clog, or Flow Tech Air make splash fill media options ensures that the product meets the client’s absolute water quality issues at maximum efficiency. The FTA series cooling tower factory fabricated and is made in a way to ensure quick field assembly.


Mode of Operation
FTA series cooling towers are mechanical-draft counter-flow cooling towers. In this form of tower, Hot water flows into the cooling tower through the gravity flow distribution system to the polypropylene spray nozzles and is distributed uniformly over the cooling tower fill. The enforced cold air is derived by our dynamically balanced induced-draft axial fans.

Mechanical Equipment
The Flow Tech Air make Fan consists of FRP axial flow fan blades with a cast aluminum/steel fan hub mounted directly on the motor. The pitch of the fan blade is adjustable to suit design conditions.

Multiple Cells Configuration
The FTA series cooling tower can be installed as a multicell in-line configuration. Each two adjacent cells have a one joint center wall. Back to back configurations are also available.

Key Information

Detailed FTA series cooling tower information

FTA series cooling tower selection data

FTA series cooling tower specifications


Product details

– CTI Certified
– FRP/RCC Tower Construction
– Epoxy Coated MS Structural Supports
– Stainless Steel Hardware
– Fill Media: Honeycomb FTA-12MF
– Drift Eliminators: Cellular FTA 100 HS

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